The Queen’s Commerce Leadership Summit was founded in 2012 by two second-year Queen’s Commerce students: Christian Alaimo and Russell Moore. Since debuting on October 25-26, 2013, QCLS is focused on uniting the most passionate student leaders at the Smith School of Business for a 3-day conference focused on improving and fulfilling their leadership potential.​

In their first year at Queen’s, Alaimo and Moore had noticed that there were few opportunities devoted entirely to developing the leadership potential of students. The Queen’s Commerce Society is one of the largest and most successful undergraduate business societies in Canada. Consisting of 25 student-run committees and 12 world-class conferences, the Society offers a tremendous number  of extracurricular opportunit-ies. Additionally, there are leadership positions that students can take within the Smith School of Business that focused solely on leadership development.

There was no initiative in place that helped aspiring leaders increase and fulfill their potential.


The Smith School of Business is home to some of the brightest and most ambitious business students in Canada. With the help of Commerce Society Executives and the Queen’s Commerce Program Executive Director, the Queen’s Commerce Leadership Summit was designed to provide these intelligent and ambitious students with an opportunity to increase and fulfill their leadership potential.


After months of development and revision, the Queen’s Commerce Society officially approved the Queen’s Commerce Leadership Summit to operate within the Commerce Society portfolio on November 11, 2012. The first QCLS Executive was hired one month later. 


Learn and network from some of the country’s most dynamic students


Hear from a variety of sponsors and speakers, all leaders in their industries


Discover and develop your own style of leadership

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